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Tips for Sefofane

As I mentioned in my previous post I came to Maun to take the Sefofane interview. But I arrived too late. Even so I can provide you with some information involving the Sefo process. Thanks to a guy who's done it.
The test consists of a technical exam covering all subjects, but not procedures and air-law. Stay sharp with all this stuff. Know the basics. I recommend re-studying your PPL notes if you have looked at them in a year.
There is also a psychometric exam. Answer it truthfully, not what you think they want you to say because they will ask you similar questions in the interview: It's easier to remember the truth.

Get in the chief pilots face a few days after the exam even if he says not to ring him. Go in to the office early and ask him for feedback. This way they know your serious.
If you have a girlfriend or spouse they want to know how she/he will handle living in Maun and maybe even another African country like Sudan. It's part of the contract to do a 6 month stint in one of these places and you need to have constructive answers on how you and spouse will handle this. I personally believe that Sefofane has a 6 month hiring cycle for this reason.

Theres no point saying what questions they ask because they are random and change from person to person.

I think there's a balance between being quitely confident and cocky. Try to strike that balance.
Also they want to see you handle pressure so if you don't know and answer just say: I don't know can you ask me another one please. DON'T get flustered.

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africanbushpilot írta...

I have done the induction exam for Sefofane in the past....what a joke!!! You don't need to be a rocket scientist to fly a Cessna 206 or even a van for that matter.