2010. március 2., kedd

Swakop Gastro: Ocean Basket

After tomorrows sour post here's a tastier one.
Besides flying and other passions I have a real passion for gastronomy. Not really cooking, although I won't be lost in a kitchen. Since I'm in Swakopmund I've already done Hungarian Paprikasch (or goulash as it is wrongly called outside Hungary), dozens of steaks (beef, lamb and pork), chicken and so on. But I was really hungry to get my teeth on some really cool seafood.
One night while I was sitting at the bar in Villa Wiese I started to read a flyer about restaurants and bars in Swakop and Walvis Bay. And finally I saw what I was looking for. The Ocean Basket restaurant. Apparently one of the restaurants in the chain. They are present in 13 countries.
Well today I was determined too go and eat there. Matt for some reason wasn't really high about my idea. He better came back to Villa Wiese and cooked himself half a chicken.
I was searching for Ocean Basket. I've found it on the corner of Albertina Amatila Avenue and Tobias Hainyeko street. The restaurant is situated outside the mainstram part of the town, but as Swakopmund ain't too huge this just means a 5 minutes walk from the Sam Nujoma Avenue, the main street.
So, now you know where it is and I can speed up. I sat down in the garden. Nice and simple place. And for my surprise and satisfaction (as I1m also a father) they have a pretty nice little playground for kids.
The smiling waitress was quickly with me and started to explain the special plates. But I decided to ask her to prepare me a nice big prince prawn plate. And asked for a beer. She was smily and helpful. The prawns arrived 20 minutes later, when I was finishing my first beer. The plate was huge, and she really took me serious in "big" because there were at least 30 prawns on the plate and were sending a gorgeous garlic aroma to my nostrils. The prawns had a slight garlic butter sauce on them. The garnish was chips and rice. But the rice was pretty fantastic and by saying this I do not exaggerate. I really don't like rice. But here they've prepared it with carrots and I think pieces of mango. Oh, and I almost forgot the three clams.
I don't have to tell you that after 20 prawns I was asking from myself how am I going to finish the remaining ten... But well, in Hungary we are taught not to leave anything on the plate. From time to time the waitress came and asked me if I was okay. Indeed I was (or wasn't because of the quantity of the food). One beer later I was finished with them little basterds.
The biggest surprise came with the bill. The plate and the 2 beers costed mere 10 euros...
Is anyone amazed that I am in love with Swakopmund?

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