2010. március 6., szombat


The importance of dreams and fulfilling them was a recent topic on the Hungarian pilot forum.
With more opposers then supporters. And with lots of idlers. It seems that there is a big number of people that are not willing to do much to fulfill their dreams. As doing nothing is much more easier then doing something. Also giving up your comfortable life seems to be a stupid move in their eyes.
They were arguing that one day I will need to go home and continue my life as it was before. And these days of wandering in Botswana and Namibia in hope of a flying job will seem mindless waste of time and money. But well then, what they do not understand is that I will get a job here in Swakopmund and will be flying... It is just a question of time and patience (and yes also money). But I am used to it as unfortunately things never fell easily into my hands.
Bush Bird Cessna 210 over the Namib desert

And I cannot agree with them. If you have the drive to achieve something then you need to go for it, and try to do everything that is required to get there. This is what drove me from the office to the airport and beyond. The will to fulfill a dream that once a five year old guy had and that was forgotten for a couple of years. And even if one doesn't succeed but has done everything possible to get where he/she wants can be satisfied at the end of the day.

And to all of you who have dreams, and for those who don't here you can read the story of Doris Alexander, who became a licensed private pilot at the age of 84 (read the article at the Plane&Pilot Magazine)!

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Courage! Keep chasing your dream!