2012. augusztus 30., csütörtök

Working with Susi Air in Indonesia

My buddy, flying with Susi Air in Indonesia decided to help low houred people, and started a blog on the ups and downs of getting a job with Susi and how flying in that area is. The blogs name is Working for Susi Air - Interview First Officer C208B and clicking on it will take you there. As Susi also hires low timers and as I have a couple of friends flying there, and everybody is satisfied with working for them I think it is a good idea to let you guys know about this new blog. Not to mention that it is a great opportunity for a low timer to jump into a Caravan...
Here is the intro of the blog: Susi Air has long been a great opportunity for low hour CPL pilots fresh out of flight school and even as a stepping stone for pilots with a few more hours. Flying new Cessna Grand Caravan C208B G1000's in and around Indonesia in a multi-crew, full SOP environment has meant that many Susi Air pilots have become very attractive to airlines once they leave Susi Air. As such it is a great stepping stone and a good kick starter for any young pilot's career!

Low Time Pilot's Guide to African Bush Flying - 12.99€

2012. augusztus 28., kedd

Retro Tanzania

Until I get myself together for a proper post here are some old pictures (actual paper scans) from the older days in Tanzanian flying. I hope you enjoy this peek into the past.
When I grow up... C206 and DC10 on apron at HTDA
Vans at Seronera
Van in...
... turning around...
... and out.
As far as I know it was a testflight to see if the Caravan can be landed and can come out of this relatively short strip. Note the tall trees at the end of the runway.
404 coming in to land (nice strip, eh?)
Nice flaring attitude
Low Time Pilot's Low Time Pilot's Guide to African Bush Flying - 12.99€

2012. augusztus 19., vasárnap

Update: Low Time Pilot's Guide now includes Tanzania

As of now, the guide also includes the know-how of scoring a Cessna 206 or 208 Grand Caravan pilot job in Tanzania as well. I'll be back soon with new stories and pictures, but I am quite busy lately. Asante sana (thank you) for your patience...
All of you who already purchased the guide are getting it free of charge. If you did not receive it please check your Spam folder. If it did not end up there just drop me an email from the address where I originally sent it and I will send you the updated one.