2009. április 27., hétfő


Yesterday I passed 34. Gush, time is running and I'm not flying these days. Just working hard. Waiting for the one month summer holiday. I'll have a month to complete the IR/ME training. This will put me over 200 TT. And the hard part will come only after these things are set.
A year ago with my fresh PPL I was preparing for the Puma Air Rally. This is a memorial flight to places where Hungarian II World War pilots were shut down. We did some cool formation flying. The rally lasted six hours. It was one of my best rides to this date. After the rally I was flying back to LHTL from LHJK I had to awoid a thinderstorm. When I landed and vacated the runway to give way for a Morane a beautyful rainbow was spreading over us. This year unfortunately I won't be able to participate, office and office.

2009. április 23., csütörtök

Namibian C210's

The other day I exchanged some mails with a guy flying in Namibia. I was interested in C210 hours vs IR. Which would be the preferred. And wether it's a good idea planning to bring the family to Windhoek. So here's his answer:

I would recommed that you do the IR and as many hours on C210 as possible. The reason is:Flying C210 IR is not allowed in Namibia, BUT if for instance you start working here and after a while you get a job that requires IR, you already got it on your validation.
Insurance is very strict as previously said and the more hours you’ve got the better your changes for a job. There is some companies where you need to have 100 hours on C210 to able to qualify for the insuance.
If your'e asking if you should bring your wife and baby to Namibia the answer is YES! It is a very safe and nice country. The infrastructure is excellent, with good doctors, hospitals, shopping centres, schools - whatever you might need. I would recommend that you firstly get the licence validation out of the way (as there is some written exams and strict flight test, etc.) And when you start with your job, only then let them join you. Also bear in mind that Namibia do not have decent public transport systems like in Europe. So I would advise you to get yourself a car soonest. (THX Tape)
More on Namibia
here and here

2009. április 22., szerda

Back on Kenya

Well here are a few links to Kenyan air charter companies that I found and checked. Although I've already wrote earlier here and here that obtaining the Kenyan permits is a pain in the ass it might worth a check. And the scenery and flying is worth everything.

Manda Bay Air Charters And Scenic Flights: www.mandabay.com/air-charters.htm
Tropic Air:
Yellow Wings:

Boskovic Air Charters:
East African Air Charters: eaaircharters.co.ke

And probably the best place to start is Aero Club of East Africa (Wilson Airport, Nairobi, Kenya): www.aeroclubea.net/

All pictures: Christian Strebel, Yellow Wings

2009. április 20., hétfő

Zambia again and Sefofane requirements

I checked the previously posted Zambian air charter companies websites. Here's the working ones (as there are a few phone numbers and email adresses it might save some time):
Batoka Sky has no working website but the email is: malana@iafrica.com
Zambia Flying Doctor Service Air Charter (not their site but phone numbers and email)
Sefofane (really professional site)

And here's a link with Sefofane Pilot Employment requirements. Sefofane has headquarters in Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa so it's worth a read, applies to mainly all African companies (maibe not so strictly). Download PDF.

2009. április 18., szombat

A Tanzanian bush flying blog

Check out John Alexanders blog. The guy is flying in Tanzania out of Dar es Salaam. He's got good stories so you can get the picture what is awaiting on you in Africa on the ground and in the air. Also might be worth checking his book.
Thanks John, keep on posting. Love to read your adventures!

2009. április 17., péntek

On Zambian low time pilot jobs

Zambia is a beautiful country with beautiful people, and currently there's not even too much to complain about the nation's governance! Zambia is the hidden treasure of Africa, that often went unseen by tourists who were always in a rush to see the country's well-marketed neighbors (Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia etc).

The national parks are absolutely stunning, and the local population is friendly and kind-hearted. You occasionally will see some form of racism, but name one country in the world where such an ignorant minority does not exist!

Zambia would be a fantastic place to fly. International investments have been flourishing over the last couple of years, especially in Livingstone which seems to have become the new hub to Victoria Falls. As many tourists seem to feel uncomfortable flying into Zim these days.
(erik07 via PPRuNe)

Sorry, I did not check the links yet, just posted them here:

Tel : + 260 97 770502 or 783106
Fax : + 260 1 229261 or


Batoka Sky
Tel : +27-12-342-6414
Fax: +27-12-342-1701

Proflight Commuter Services
Tel: +260 1 271032 / 271035

Fax: + 260 1 271 139
Cell: 097 33 55 63

Tel: 271038
Fax: 291962

Zambezi Airlines

Travel International Air Charter
Tel: 312812
Cell: 02-780267
Tel: 311212
(Kasompe Air Feild)

Zambia Flying Doctor Service Air Charter
Tel: 640510

Batoka Sky
Tel: 03 321830
Fax: 321539

Sefofane Charters
Tel: (265) 781393

United Air Charters (helicopters)
Telefax: 03 323095
Telefax: 03 323095

2009. április 15., szerda

Quick note

I'm glad because it seems that a lot of people are getting information from this blog and find it useful. But I have to make it clear again that unfortunately I'm not yet anywhere in Africa. When I'm not flying somewhere over this small country I sit in my office in Budapest and do the art thing wishing I could speed up time.
On this blog I just wanted to share information that I have gathered through the last few months since I decided that Africa will be the place for me. Maybe it'll be of help to others who are in the same situation who share the same dream. And also saves some time. Maybe even give some tips. And hopefully it'll be my diary.
Press on and hope to meet you all in and over Africa!
Photo: Frederik Rasmusen via his blog: Flying in Tanzania for Safari AirLink

2009. április 14., kedd

Some ferrying

Things didn't quite go as I've planned. Instead of taking the family for a ride I had to ferry a C152 to LHKA and from there the Cherokee to LHSA. Didn't do solo xcountry since my PPL training. I had to realise that flying a machine all alone, with no passengers, no buddy's just me and the machine is an almost sacred experience.

2009. április 9., csütörtök

Cherokee checked

Today there was really wonderful weather. And got checked on Cherokee pretty quick. Soloed after 2 landings.
Already planned to take my babes with her this weekend on a xcountry and parent visiting at Szeged for Easter. But then out on the sun by herself the right gear fluid just flew out.
But the owner promised me to repair her till tomorrow noon. So there's hope for flying.
This happened around 1400 hours. So continued flying with my ol' C152 and my buddy Matt until sunset.

2009. április 6., hétfő

Cherokee and IFR

On Thursday 9th of April it's Cherokee time. Already going through the POH. Will do my check and then in a few days will start IFR training. Will surely be a new challange, a new adventure. It is: back to low wing configuration! And press on!