2009. július 10., péntek

Vacation finally

I was working a bit too much lately, so from today I took my vacation. No more directing until August. And I think the same goes for blogging, too. Haven't got any new info anyway. So until I'm back you can still reach me through emails. But if I get any good news I'll try to post them.
Keep cool.

2009. július 7., kedd

AHA, Austro-Hungarian Aviators

My Austrian friend Marcel (http://austrianaviator.blogspot.com/) proposed the other day that we establish the Austro-Hungarian Aviators (aha, the AHA) "society". And he asked me to design a logo for it (see below).
With my eyes on Africa what could have been a better icon on the badge than a Caravan.
So, this is the symbol of our little
Gemeinschaft. We could even start merchendising, hah.
If you'd feel like joining then here's the link (by the way, you don't need to be Austrian or Hungarian...):
Flight Crew Network Austro-Hungarian Aviators

2009. július 3., péntek

Tropic Air and Maya Island Air in Belize

As you already know from time to time I run into lowtimer jobs that are out of Africa. This time it is Belize in Central America.
There are two small companies that seemingly hire low-time pilots. Tropic Air (based on La Isla Bonita) and Maya Island Air. Tropic flying Caravans and smaller Cessna's (172's and 207's which are a stretched version of the 206). Maya using Caravans, BN Islanders, G7 Airvan and Cessna 182.
From what I've found entry requirements are 250 TT. Although the thing in Belize is a bit tricky: "If you go there with 250 hours you will need to fly P2 for 500 hours before you get this as Civil Aviation only counts half your P2 time toward your total 500 before you can fly a 172 as a Captain. Then fly that until you get a shot at the Caravan as Captain."
The two websites don't give you much info on this. What I dug out is that Chief Pilot for Tropic is Mike Kuhn. His portrait appeaered in The San Pedro Sun (available online here: http://sanpedrosun.net/old/00-104.html).

Presently there are no hirings, but it is good to put these companies on your list.