2010. április 7., szerda

Gipsy life out here

The pic was taken at the train station in Windhoek on my hurried way back to Maun. I really look like some motley crew marine. Missing a Kalashnikov or an M16 though. And was hoping I will not have to carry this whole arsenal back to Namibia again. But well if you wanna make God laugh then make plans...

It was great being in Maun again. Lots of braais, new friends, the usual Fridays at Buck and Hunters. Even moved out from Audi camp to a house. Old donkeytown did not change at all.

So not even two weeks later I'm already packing my stuff to be headed back to Swakopmund. With very few time left to decide whether stay or go back to Hungary and wait until the next hiring season.

Wish me luck.

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