2010. március 27., szombat

Maun again

Some quick rumors have put me on the road again. News came that Sefofane is hiring again. So the same day I hopped on the night train from Swakopmund to Windhoek. Uneventful but tiring trip, as it is pretty hard to get a good sleep on the narrow seats. Then I was supposed to catch a bus that goes from Windhoek to Zimbabwe through Maun. Well it was supposed to leave Windhoek at noon, but it wouldn't have been Africa if it did. Finally at 1700 it departed.
Well the most amateur company tried to take me to Maun. Unprepared. On the way in the middle of the Kalahari we had a flat tyre on the luggage trailer. Just to find out that these guys didn't even think about this so they have no spare...
Now imagine them callling whatever numbers they had in the phone and trying to get someone to fix it in the middle of the night... The trip that should have take around 8-9 hours finally took 16. Adventurous but hell of a trip.
Well so I'm here in Maun again. But by the time I arrived here the written exams already took place and the oral ones were going.
The only thing left was to take part in the omelette party at Buck&Hunters. Have lots of beers and enjoy the company of pilots. The omelette is the rites the passage for the guys who are going online here in Maun. Meaning that from that on he is considered a Maun bush pilot. Elite force. But the omelette is a disgusting stuff. The victim first needs to eat a raw egg with shell and everything. And then rinse it with a mix of different shooters. Everybody is asked to donate a few pula for the drink, and the more is collected the worst this "cocktail" is. Small price...

I'm looking forward to see Sefofane CP on Monday or Tuesday. And will then head back to Swakopmund.

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