2010. március 22., hétfő

Nothing happens(?)

Lots of people ask me what's happening, what is the situation and so on. Even got complains on not writing about my "adventures".
There is some sadness, because one of my friends had an accident. Out in the dunes with a quad. But I hope that he will be okay soon and back in the Namibian skies.
Get well buddy, cos' nobody is doing the nightly Gruenies-Eclipse-Casino round with me!

And well... then again, nothing really. A month of Swakopmund passed like a day. And the wait is not over yet. The same old thing goes: do the rounds, be patient, and have fun! Time is working for me.
It seems that the global recession has hit hard on the aviation business. As always... But it also seems that things are picking up - even if slowly. So I think that enjoying the moment and being ready to jump is the best thing a wannabe can do now.
With Kike and Cpt. Somatiko (of Bush Bird Namibia, see his plane here)

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