2010. augusztus 31., kedd

Pics and pax

Having crappy internet and being focused to get online prevented me from updating this blog regularly, but now that I'm online I will start being more regularly here. For a start here's a couple of "commercial flying" pictures (some made by me, some by Tobi).

On the beach

Entering Kuiseb canyon


One of my first passenger groups
My next entry will be on Namibian license validation and work visa process. Till then flying low...

2010. augusztus 24., kedd


The fleet: FLY FOR FUN

Had a pretty long road to here but finally made it. Papers sorted out. Did lots of hours right hand seat and after getting my license validation I had quite a few left hand seat flights (let's say PICUS) when finally the company and my colleagues decided that the time has come for me to go online. 

Backtracking my first bush strip: Namib Naukluft Lodge

I was lucky enough to have all my papers done and sorted by the company. I only had to sign them and the rest was taken care of. Well, except the mandatory radiotelephony and air law exam. But those are really just a formality here in Namibia. Check them quickly and forget about them.

Am landing RWY17: great shadow (photo by Kike)

The next step is much harder. Flying. You'd think we have fantastic allover sunny days here in Swakopmund... Well, nope. This is the Skeleton Coast. Fog comes and goes unpredictable. You take off on a bright afternoon, when you can see the Brazilian coast on the other side of the Atlantic, for a standard Sossus (will have my next entry on this one) and when you come back two hours later visibility is just above a mile with a 500 feet base (oh, not AGL!). 
SVFR... Swakopmund VFR.
A view towards Sossusvlei and Tschauhab river valley (Dune Corridor)

This could be the end of the world

2010. augusztus 9., hétfő

Great flying

With all the paperwork done and tests passed I'm just waiting for the Namibian DCA to issue my validation and then go online as soon as possible and as soon as Andy gives me the go. 
The season is picking up, there are more and more flights so the pilots get to fly more and more.
Bush Birds are busy. And fortunately there is lots of "line training" flights for me as well.
One of the nicest trips we do is flying to Opuwo for a Himba excursion. I did it two times last week. A visit to a Himba village is really great experience. On both flights we had to take off from Arandis, a nearby town, where the fog does not reach in the morning. The flights is over fantastically varying terrain. From the stone desert surrounding Swakopmund area to the savanna. There are huge prehistorical remnants of volcanoes, flat topped mountains, craters and canyons on the way.
Table mountains

Opuwo is the gate to Himba "country". The trips are organised by the Opuvo Country Lodge, a luxurious resort on the hilltop above the town. Looking northwest on the valley where the Himba villages are. I'll let you the pictures show you the tale a bit and in the future I will focus again on the flying side of things.

The Brandberg

Opuwo County Lodge

Opuwo Airport apron and a couple of local souvenir sellers

The famous Himba hairstyle and kids in front of a traditional hut