2010. április 26., hétfő

Xakanaxa camp, Moremi Game Reserve

Elephant bull ahead. You don't wanna mess with these guys!

Being still unemployed in Maun, and with time running out I decided I need to go out on a 4x4 safari into the bush before I need to go home and wait for the next hiring season.
Curious giraffe with crossing zebra.

On 24th of April with 4 friends and two cars I was on my way to Moremi Game Reserve. The trip to Xakanaxa campsite was uneventful and I enjoyed the drive as much as the animals along the road (and even on the road).
Okavango Delta

The problems started later. After going to bed in our tents a heavy rain struck Moremi and it kept on the whole night. And my tent gave up. So it didn't take to long for me to float around.
Sunset painted puddle

Morning did not bring any change. The Toyota Hilux driven by me probably got so much water that it refused to start... After being towed and was able to start the engine in second gear we found out that our game drive was also washed away. The road was totally flooded and even our 4x4's could not cope with it.
On the road out from Moremi the Toyota just died on me one 2 more times. Once we were able to tow it in.
Towed through puddles

The second time it totally gave up. Also the other car a Land Rover got fed up with water and quit. Had to go through the whole engine and wipe everything dry. It took two hours of bush repairing to get the Hilux running again. Not with its own starter though. The light safari trip turned into a tough 4x4 bush adventure.
Probably my last one in Africa for now...

2010. április 20., kedd

An other flight in the delta

Thanks to Delta Air I had the opportunity to hop on one more flight. This time in a GA8 Airvan to the Santawani strip.
Preflighting the Airvan

Nice instrumentation and spacious interiour

Boro river

Buffalo fence

Mack Air 206 departing Santawani strip

2010. április 15., csütörtök

Dave's Botswana

I met this Canadian when I first was in Maun at the beginning of February at Audi camp. By that time he was already hired by Sefofane and was doing his training and paperwork. One morning I saw him talking to himself. Well seemingly, because he was starting the day with a video caption. Later I found out that he's got a couple of videos. So this is how Dave became a bush pilot... Well almost that by this time he is still doing his training. Click HERE to visit his site.
Rarely can people combine their two passions and make it their life. David Radford has done just that in Botswana Bound. You have the rare opportunity to follow David on his journey from New Brunswick to Botswana as he tries to land a job as a bush pilot on a five-star game reserve in Botswana, Africa. Visually stunning and entertaining.

2010. április 9., péntek

Into the delta with the Delta

Not too much to comment here, except that it was very good to finally fly a bit. Delta Air had a spare seat and the pilot agreed to take me on a short hop to Stanley strip, where we picked up three American ladies and brought them back to Maun.
The flight took 15 minutes out and the same back.
Enjoy the view.

2010. április 7., szerda

Gipsy life out here

The pic was taken at the train station in Windhoek on my hurried way back to Maun. I really look like some motley crew marine. Missing a Kalashnikov or an M16 though. And was hoping I will not have to carry this whole arsenal back to Namibia again. But well if you wanna make God laugh then make plans...

It was great being in Maun again. Lots of braais, new friends, the usual Fridays at Buck and Hunters. Even moved out from Audi camp to a house. Old donkeytown did not change at all.

So not even two weeks later I'm already packing my stuff to be headed back to Swakopmund. With very few time left to decide whether stay or go back to Hungary and wait until the next hiring season.

Wish me luck.