2009. szeptember 16., szerda

On situation in Maun

Time is coming for me to plan my moving to Maun. But in the meantime I get a lot of controversary information. Some who I mail with are saying it is a nogoer. And that other than MackAir the companies in Maun are pretty bad. One pilot flying for Sefofane wrote me that it is a particularly bad company.
But then again an other pilot who I chatted with on Facebook told me that there will be movement, people are leaving, some are moving up so there'll be places for us newcomers. And he didn't see things so gloomy. Stating that Moremi would be a good move as they have lots of people leaving. Not to mention my buddy at Mack who also says that January will be a good time for arriving to Maun.
Well, to sum it up: for me it is a goer, I think I have no other choice at the moment. I was advised to do an instructor rating, but Hungary is not swarming with pilot wannabees and building around 200 hours a year isn't a big choice at my age.
And as my friend Felix would say getting a job is just a matter of the right attitude. Every pic in this post was taken by him.

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