2009. szeptember 8., kedd

Finally some major steps

I've been strugling to continue my IFR training since 2 months now. Things slowed down here in Hungary as finally the CAA became JAA acredited. And with this the majority of flight schools have lost their licenses.
But yesterday finally I've arranged my IR training at Pannon Air Service (one of the few operators and flightschools that will remain after the JAA-stuff), with a promise that I'll be able to take the practical check late November, early December. This means that Africa is closing in. Fingers crossed.
IR training and exam will be in DA40 TDI (with FADEC). An extremely easy to handle plane. Also for my CPL check I'll have some hours in a Beech B24R Sierra, reg: HA-ACX (the CPL check needs to be performed in a plane with retractible undercarriage and constant speed prop).
Also made a deal for getting rated on G1000 glass cockpit (the pic above is a DA40 180, no FADEC). I love this TV flying since the first day I flew as a passenger.

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Luigi | Brochure Printing írta...

I wish I could do what you are doing also. It must be liberating seeing the world from the top and operating that big machine.I wish you luck on your career! Thank you for sharing your experiences.