2009. szeptember 2., szerda

Everything you wanted to know...

...about operating a C206/210 but were afraid to ask. Click here!
Few years ago a fantastic thread emerged on PPRuNe about the Cessna 206 and quickly evolved into Cessna 200 series tips and tricks forum. For all of us who are eager to fly one of these babies in Africa it is a valuable source of information.
"A 206 crashed at Arakun a few years ago, after the mixture cable broke and the mixture went to idle/cutoff. The aeroplane went into trees (zero options) at fairly high speed and all were killed. The investigation found that the flaps were not extended to minimise impact speed, as one would expect from an experienced pilot sans power and faced with descent into trees; but also found that both leaves of the back door had been released prior to impact, thereby cutting the flap circuit."
From Jamair's post

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