2009. október 6., kedd

Three months to liftoff

Haven't been posting for a while as there's not much to say. And almost everything that you should know can already be found here and on PPRuNe's Maun thread.

After having flown 10 hours IR training (+ 10 sim) I feel like I'm the most untalented student the world has ever carried. But I'm working on it hard... And I only have around 9 more IR flying sessions before the exam.

But at least I've bought a tent in preparation of living in Audi camp in Maun. To my surprise it was pretty cheap. A 3 pax one cost 2000 forints (that being 11 US$). Also a backpack so I can carry the laptop and stuff with me. Also started to do the official translations. So I'll be finishing my homework in time, and I very much hope to meet a few of you in Maun.
Two weeks ago my Austro-Hungarian Aviator friend Marcel visited me. We really had some cool times. And the most important thing is that we found the official AHA drink: the Guadalajara coctail (tequila, a drop of coffee, and a bit of triple sec).
One more thing before I end this entry: I asked the guys in Maun if there are mandatory vaccinations or if I should take some before I leave. Important question as those cost around 550 US$. Their answer was to not spend money on these drugs. And as I'm planing for a "worst case scenario" this saving might mean an extra month of staying in Maun.
For keeping the spirit alive enjoy the photos from Maun, all stolen from the Facebook group. Keep wings level.

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João Sales írta...

Hope You have the best of luck, I would love to go down there this season but I think I won't be able to make it since I'm still flying high in the US till the end of the year. Nevertheless would love to go there and perhaps find you, but I must say I'm lacking your planning and preparation! Keep it real and good luck shooting those IFR Flights and Approaches!