2009. szeptember 7., hétfő

Back on the jobhunt

Photo of HA-SKW 1960 C210 was taken by Peter Nadasi. The large size can be found here.

My luck... Yesterday (Sunday) I jumped in the car and drove two hours to fly the C210 HA-SKW from Zalakaros (LHZK) a small private airfield 10 NM south from lake Balaton. As lucky as I am these days, the bird flew some tourists before it was my turn and something broke. After landing the nosewheel was wet by some fluid. Hydraulic fluid was flowing down on the firewall and out near the wheel strut. So, no flying. What am I expecting from this lady in her 40's?
But at least on Saturday I took some guys on a sigthseeing trip over Budapest with a DA40.
So back on the jobhunt.
While it is clear that if you want to grab a job in Africa you need to go there it is also important to emphasize that it is also very important to get some info on the operators before you actually get there. And as the majority of them will obviously not answer to your emails you have to rely on the internet. Where you may find info that may be out of date, like my post on
Renair, Tanzania.
A good start may be the Air Carrier Directory for Africa of Pilot Career Centre. They have listed the majority of operators by region.
An other good source is this link collection I ran over when Cliff who's flying in Tanzania wrote me and I checked his posts on PPRuNe. How to find job info on the intenet...especially for newbies. It is two years old but still, you might never know. And I think he's focused on the North American job market.

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