2009. február 19., csütörtök

Renair Ltd., Mwanza, Tanzania

This post is to give a little hope. 
Recently I ran over a company in Tanzania called Renair Ltd. based in Mwanza. Their fleet consists of a Cessna 310, a Piper Aztec and two Piper Cherokee Six aircraft. From a low-timer pilot point of view the company might be interesting as they claim not to rely fully on tourism but having a massive part of flying done for mining companies. Which maybe will not be afected so deeply by this downturn.
They do pretty simpatic routes for tourists: Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park, Ngombe Stream National Park, Rubondo National Park and so on.
Might be worth giving a try. I didn't write them yet, so I know nothing about their requirements, but if I find out or you might know something about them feel free to share it with me. 
 Capt. Mark Lekeu, Aviator Pilot and Managing Director of Renair
Update, with hope gone... Got this from a guy: Man your info is way out of date. The Aztec was written of when it went head to head with a couple of cows. One of the Cherokee's had it's C of A suspended because of illegal or unsanctioned mods. The other flew in Serengetti for a while, not sure if it is the one that in the end went to Dar and had it's nose gear ripped off. The 310 is here in Dar with Tanzanair. But as far as I know has not flown for several years. As for Mike, no idea where he ended up.

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