2010. június 27., vasárnap

Going strong

I couldn't say that my past week was boring. On Tuesday I arrived to Swakopmund at seven in the morning. Captain Somatiko was waiting for me. and as I got off the plane he took a picture (he still comes with that one).
I came to Villa Wiese (which is 3 minutes walk from the train station). 
The new Bush Bird pilot with the gorgeous Centurion
And was fortunate enough to get the special price I previously had (85 Namibian dollars compared to 115 regular price).
Bush Bird fleet
Villa Wiese is a nice place to stay by the time you are sorting out the paperwork and things needed to go online. If you tell them you are a pilot,staying more then two weeks they will probably give the special price as well. They have breakfast and wireless included in the price (if you come here you will appreciate internet wherever you find it). With a nice bar, decent prices and no crowd.
The dune belt and the Atlantic Ocean south of Swakopmund
Dropped my stuff down and already felt at home. Swakopmund... my African gem. 
Dune 45 (the most famous dune in Namibia, see Wiki)
But to be honest I was pretty much tired after not sleeping in a bed since two days (one evening from München to Windhoek and an other Windhoek to Swakopmund by train), duty was calling. I had my appearance at Bush Bird headquarters. But they only open around 10 am. So went to have a coffee with Cpt. Somatiko. Had a walk in town and then went to the office. The owners, Andy and Daniela were pretty nice with me, welcomed me into the team and I had to find out that there is no time to rest. First day first flight. I was assigned for observation near my predecessor. And enjoyed every second. 
Kuiseb Canyon (more here)
Like really going back in time. Or outer space. The scenery is amazing. Not a really visual navigation friendly, but you can get used to it very quickly. Amazing how our mind and eyes adjusts to even the craziest places. Sometimes floating over the terrain in the 210 was like being an astronaut in a small capsule on a mission over an alien planet. Looking for a place to land...
Kuiseb river (more here and here)
And these feelings didn't change since then. Had two more flights (on Friday and on Saturday) with Cpt. Somatiko (see here and here). And just can't wait to get online.
In the meantime got my paper(home)work. I even need to apply for a Student Pilot License... 
And already signed in for the Air Law test on 1st of July. So am learning and learning and hopefully flying the "lines".
Gobabeb Research Center (read more here) and landing strip
Last but not least, enjoy the pictures.

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