2010. június 15., kedd

Bush Bird, Swakopmund, Namibia is it then

Things did not go as easy as they should have. Two weeks ago my friend Mariano (you might know him from here and here), pilot for Bush Bird sent me a message that I should send my CV to his boss ASAP. One of their pilots is leaving soon and they need someone fast. That was quite shocking for me. I was unprepared to go back to Namibia so soon. So first I've kindda rejected his offer. Financially seemed impossible, and leaving the girls again seemed a bad choice. Even though this was something that would take me far from my dream. 
But then after talking with Agnes she reassured me that she is willing to join me, and that I need to go, as this was the moment I was preparing for the last couple of years. This was a great relief. I, immediately sent the CV's to Andy. And couple of hours later I was set up for The Interview.
As I mentioned previously the interviews with Andy, owner of Bush Bird went well. Fortunately for me he was patient enough, as he conducted them in German, which I haven't spoken for quite a long time. He was interested in my licenses, hours, types flown and I think he was specially satisfied that I have a couple of hours on the 210. Then for a couple of days it was silence. And last Wednesday in the afternoon he skyped me, we talked for a while again and I got the magic words: "ok, das hoert sich gut an. ich moechte dass du unserem team so bald als moeglich verstaerkst. consider: you're hired :)" (for you non German speakers: ok, this sounds good. I want you to join our team as soon as possible).  Swakopmund is it then and Bush Bird and Cessna 210. Lovely...
I couldn't be more then happy. After 6 months of searching, wandering things changed in a second.
With having everything already prepared the only thing to do was obtaining a tourist visa for Namibia. As you may remember (Press on: Namibia entry from 20th of February 2010) Eastern Europeans require a visa prior to entry in Namibia. The closest embassy to Hungary is in Vienna (Namibia Embassy). And be aware that they recently changed their address, but many of the sources on the internet still have their old one. Yes, I ran into that. Went to the old one and then had to drive through the whole city to find the embassy. And surely the GPS got lost... Funny place this Zuckerkandlgasse. There are two buildings numbered "2" and the street is split in two...
The lady at the embassy was nice enough to navigate me to the site. And very helpful. 
What you need: 2 color photos, 45 euros, ticket booking approval and an invitation letter from Namibia. If everything is there they will issue the visa in an hour. 
And here I am now. Ready for departure. Tickets from Air Berlin: Vienna-München-Windhoek and about 12 hours. (better then my previous Egyptair ones that took me on a 24 hour ride). Sunday the journey begins again. 
Until then I will spend my time with my fantastic girls.

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ak írta...

Gratulálok!! Csak Összejött!! Juhéj. Külgyed a képet a polomra, oszt eladjuk a pilota szeretnék lenni forumon.. :)

Gyerköc le sem tagadhatja az apukáját! :) / Ő a Te gyereked? ! .) / Kire gyanakszol? :)

Csan guru OM.


Aaron the Truck Driver írta...

Hi, I just found your blog. Congratulations on the new job!
Funny the word “team” is the same in German as it is in English.