2010. június 21., hétfő

Transit: Windhoek

Hello to everyone from Windhoek. The Air Berlin flight was nice and uneventful. Except that I will never be able to have a really comfortable sleep in a plane. But well, am not complaining as it took a mere 11 hours to get here from Wien. Compared to the more then 24 hours that I previously did to Maun with Egyptair.
Zoo Park, Windhoek
Was happy to meet Kike and a couple of other newly hired Scenic guys. And was even happier to hear that the last guy hanging out in Maun was also hired a week ago by Sefofane Botswana.
It seems that everyone who was hanging out enough (or in my case made the right contacts) was finally hired.
There's a very tough 6 to 8 weeks in front of me. Exams, test flights and stuff. Without having my babes near me. But finally I am on the right path. Bush Bird gave me the chances to become what I wanted. 
The adventure is only beginning...

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