2010. július 3., szombat

In medias res

Not even two weeks passed since I set my foot on Namibian terrain again and I was already assigned for the radiotelephony and Namibian Air Law exam.
On Wednesday night I embarked the TransNamib train and headed to Windhoek. Before you would think this is a train where you travel with goats and cows and everything else I need to stop your fantasizing. The train is pretty decent. Is in Swakopmund at around 2100 and arrives to Windhoek around 0900. Pretty long ride, but as it is an overnight train you can get a sleep (if it not too crowded I use to sleep up in the baggage compartment overhead). And it is probably the cheapest way to get to Windhoek or back. They are charging under 100 Namibian dollars for the ride, depending on the season. As you can see they have tv's on board, and they are showing movies as well.
The TransNamib Eco
So, got to Windhoek, jumped in a cab and headed to Eros Airport (pretty horny name for an airport) to meet the radiotelephony examiner. He gave me a quick test, that was mainly based on the Namibian aeronautical map. Had some questions on TMA's, CTR's. Then he briefed me on Namibian specialities in German and finally signed my papers. Then took me up into the new tower, had a nice chat. Drove me with the exam results to the Namibian Communication so I can get my ROC license. And then he took me to the DCA, where I was scheduled to have the Air Law exam. 20 questions 5 minutes, but will only know tomorrow if I passed or not. 
I met here with Michael a Swakopmund pilot for Pleasure Flights and he offered that next day he'll take me back with his car. So it is Rafters time soon!
All things done and back to Swakop there is a busy day today, first Germany is playing against Argentina, and later Spain will stand against Paraguay. 

Update: today, Monday got the call that I passed.

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Paulo Santos írta...

I've been following your blog for sometime now, and I wish you all the luck in the world, with this new adventure in Namibia :D

Keep us posted, and don't forget to take lots of pictures of Namibian airplanes ;)

Best regards,
Paulo Santos

joven írta...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..