2009. június 19., péntek

Tanganyika Flying Co. and Safari Air

John (who's running the African Bush Pilot blog) posted a few comments at a previous entry but I tought they are worth a separate post here in the mainstream.
He writes: Tanganyika Flying Co. operate four Caravans and a 206 (not sure if 206 is operational at the moment). They also have a contract with Vamezi Island down in Mozambique so they basically have aircraft based down there going in and out of Pemba and Macimboa.

Also a hint: I'm hearing rumours of a company called 'Tropical Air' in Zanzibar is apparently looking for pilots due to expanding operations here and in Gabon. There is a link from my blog to their website (African Bush Pilot).

Safari Air in Maun is a good company, its pilots are a little more mature and responsible than the young party animals they had a few years back.... its probably a good thing.
Tropical Air fleet (it seems they have 9 aircraft): PA-28 CHEROKEE, PA-34 SENECA II, PA-31 NAVAJO, PARTENAVIA P68, CESSNA 206, CESSNA 208B GRAND CARAVAN

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