2009. június 15., hétfő

Remark (updated)

I'm getting emails asking my advice on where to go when to go. Even got email from guys who'd like to start a career in aviation asking weather I think it is a good idea or not.

My short answer is. I dont know.
I don't know where one should go to get the job. I know that there are oportunities. And there will be oportunities. I'we listed here a few countries, a few operators, best times for jobhunting and a few opinions too. But one should make his/her decision where and when to go. Unfortunately I'm not in Africa and the info on this blog is just a crumbs. It might help you in making the first steps but I won't lift that leg for you.
As for the aviation career start. Well. The story is the same.
I decided that I will change my life and will do what I always wanted to do. No matter what. And I knew from the start that it will be no light stuff and it will cost a small fortune. But if you want to live your dream you might have to sacrifice everything os at least lots of things to finally get your reward.

Just do what you think will suit you. This downturn will end sooner or later. And my opinion is that the majority of fellas starting now will succeed in their dreamhunt. It is just a question of persistence. Not to mention that the majority is at least 10 years younger than me...
Here's my opinion:
The way I see it, you can either work for a living or you can fly airplanes. Me? I'd rather fly!
Keep cool and fly.

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