2009. június 9., kedd

Susi Air, Indonesia

From time to time I run over non-african companies that are willing to hire low-time pilots (if you are willing to go there). Here's one from Indonesia.

Susi Air is a charter company with the main base in Jakarta (with bases in Medan and Jayapura). Operating mainly Cessna 208's. Their fleet also includes two Pilatus PC-6. And they operate a flight school in Pangandaran with DA40 and DA42's. All aircraft are young.
Rumor says (heard this from an NZ mate – thanks Sam) that they are hiring lowtime pilots at this time. One interview was these days, the next will be sometime in July.

I've heard and read controversal stuff, but the majority of info on them is good. One interesting thing is that they operate the Caravans and even Diamonds with two person crews. Also there might be license conversation problems. Long and expensive, but I'd think that it is the same as in Africa, if they hire you they will sort out these things. One thing seemed interesting: as long as you are flying P2 you ill not have the conversion done (seems that many guys went there flew a few hours and then left, so they will do your conversion when you have 1000 hours and become a captain). Flying is 80-100 hours a month.
PPRuNe quote:
The SOP's are followed at all times, all planes tracked through Blue Sky Sat Tracking, you dont get into probs if you say no, the atmosphere is very friendly, and if it wasnt, I would not be here...

Well, pay is 600 USD for an F/O. Which for me eastern european bastard is fairly good. Don't know for other parts of the world. Also when considering pay you must consider that they are paying the housing, food and transportation. And on each leave, the company pays for economy class ticket to/from EU/US/Canadian/etc "gateway" city, which are e.g. Frankfurt, London, Paris, LA, San Francisco, Vancouver...
3 weeks on/1 week off is the rotation.
PPRuNe quote:
Susi Air is a great opportunity period. They give you all the tools to operate safely, (EGPWS, TCAS1, WX Radar, Bluesky tracking, Dual Garmin, MFD) and most importantly 2 crew with SOP's which are enforced and adhered to. Training continues to get better all the time and improvements are constantly being made operationally. I am an ex employee and truly enjoyed my time there and found the team great to work with. Indonesia is a fabulous place to work and the schedule allows travel within Asia.
Well, just an other opportunity, and a pretty decent company... I'd be curious on other Indonesian companies but couldn't dig up more at the moment.
Sent some mails to guys flying there, so if there's any update then I'll keep you guys informed.

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