2009. június 17., szerda

Just a few more operators in Botswana and Tanzania

Kalahari Air Services is based in Gaborone. Fleet KingAir B200, 1900 and Cessna 210.
Safari Air is aparently based in Maun. Operates single engined Cessna 206's, 207's, 210's and twin engined Britten Norman Islander.

Tanganyika Flying Co. is based in Arusha, Tanzania. Apparently flying Grand Caravans and maybe C206.
Link (not very useful): www.tanflyco.com

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Névtelen írta...

TFC operate four Caravans and a 206(not sure if 206 is operational at the moment). They also have a contract with Vamezi Island down in Mozambique so they basically have aircraft based down there going in and out of Pemba and Macimboa.
Safari air is a good company, its pilots are a little more mature and responsible than the young party animals they had a few years back....its probably a good thing

africanbushpilot írta...

The above info on TFC and Safari is from me too.
Also a hint I'm hearing rumours of a campany called 'tropical aviation' in Zanzibar is apparently looking for pilots due to expanding operations here and in Gabon. There is a link from my blogg to their website.