2009. június 5., péntek

Congo Bush Pilots – National Geographic – Thursday, August 6

Well-well, finally the NatGeo staff packed up and made a documentary about bush flying in Congo. They packed a short video of a Dash landing on some dirtstrip. And a few pictures.
Bush piloting in the Congo, a country crippled by 30 years of war and famine, may be one of the worlds most hazardous professions. The pilots come from all over; from developed world drop-outs to ex-army fliers to adrenalin junkies. Some come for the money, some for the appeal of living on the outer edge of right and wrong. In a nation not much smaller than Western Europe, where large sections of the country are inaccessible by road, the population is utterly dependent on bush pilots – flyers with the courage and skill to land planes on some of the worlds most challenging terrain. This is their story.
Here's the link: National Geographic

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