2010. április 15., csütörtök

Dave's Botswana

I met this Canadian when I first was in Maun at the beginning of February at Audi camp. By that time he was already hired by Sefofane and was doing his training and paperwork. One morning I saw him talking to himself. Well seemingly, because he was starting the day with a video caption. Later I found out that he's got a couple of videos. So this is how Dave became a bush pilot... Well almost that by this time he is still doing his training. Click HERE to visit his site.
Rarely can people combine their two passions and make it their life. David Radford has done just that in Botswana Bound. You have the rare opportunity to follow David on his journey from New Brunswick to Botswana as he tries to land a job as a bush pilot on a five-star game reserve in Botswana, Africa. Visually stunning and entertaining.

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