2010. február 7., vasárnap

Pilot wannabe's life in Maun

Wake up early. Get to the airport. Say hi to the guys at the companies. Try to get a free ride. Almost every CP will tell you to go to their offices and try to find a spare seat. If you are lucky and also the pilot thinks so you might end up with a free ride over the Okavango Delta. But they say this is also kinda testflight, so they can get a picture of you. But on your first such flight you'll probably be taking pictures like crazy, so don't stress.

If there are no free rides - and this is common in this season, because priority is given to the newly recruited pilots (their training gets around 50 hours right seat and 50 hours left seat) - majority of us is sitting in the airport terminal, there you have free wifi. And we all become spotters. Taking pictures of the planes coming and going. Biggest birds being Botswana Defence Forces C130's. They're doing touch and go's with the Hercules. Also from time to time Transal's land here. Or army Gazelles.
Huge South African Sikorsky

When I get hungry or had enough of sitting at the airport I head to Bon Arrivé or Hilary's for a sandwich. But you can get to any supermarket like Choppies, Spar. Or have a hamburger or steak at Wimpy's. My biggest concern is that I haven't yet found a good place to try some local food. Like water lily, papa and stuff.
Afternoons back at the camp. Sitting with the other guys, playing cards or just chattin'. Maybe do a braai (steak) from the famous Botswana meat.
Braai at Audi Camp

Then having a few beers at the bar. Again hanging on the internet. Doing crazy competitions, like having all the Audi Camp shooters in a row.
Having the Audi welcome shot made mixed by Kash (in the back)... You don't wanna know what it contains!

Other times visiting the other camps like Old Bridge or Croc Camp. And waiting for that phone call...
View of the old bridge over the Thamalakane from the Old Bridge Backpackers

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