2010. február 3., szerda

On the hunt

Finally arrived to Maun, later then never. The place is fantastic. For lots it only is a dusty little town where you might get a flying job and build some hurs, but for me it is bush flying heaven. I really like the idea of living here in Botswana or some other similar place. But that is me. And will not tire you with this. I'm sure that you're more interested on the present job situation here. Also I have to apologize myself here for not answering every email. I get lots of emails and would take me a half day to answer all of them, and internet here at Audi Camp ain't too cheap...
FBMN tower

In the last few days I got to almost every company (Kavango, Moremi, Mack, Safari, Delta, Major Blue). Sefofane chief pilot is the only one I couldn't talk with yet. Things are at a halt here. Majority of companies have already hired and are saying that they will surely not hire in the near future. And there weren't huge hirings. Delta Air CP said bookings are the same as last year when there were 40% less bookings compared to previous years. And even the world cup in SA didn't yet pump things up.
Safari Grand Van

Major Blue is a new company. They have (as far as I know) 2 C206 and a Gran Van. And are waiting for some more aircraft. According to the CP they will be hiring a few more guys in around 2 months from now. Probably if their new machines arrive. But I couldn't tell you how many and if they already have favourites.

Kavango was the other company who said that in the next 2 weeks they will decide wether they will hire or no. Even thus there probably will be place for only one guy. But I couldn't yet meet with the chief pilot as he was out. More on this in the next few days.
A visiting Botswana Defence Forces Gazelle

The only real hope might be Sefofane. As I mentioned before I couldn't yet get through to their chief pilot. Rumour says that there might be some movement too. They are telling everyone that they don't hire but then that can change from one day to an other. Although I wouldn't jump on a plane and fly here if I were you... Jobhunters are many, positions are very few. At the moment we're around 25 guys here in Maun, doing the rounds. But it seems that even if there will be some openings there will only be need for 3-5 guys.
Delta Air headquarters

As Paul, the CP of Moremi put it there will be lots of guys out that will say, this guy is bulshitting, he doesn't want competition, but as you might already know I was probably the only one, who was always saying that if you are determined to fly here then you need to come here. As I did, even though by the time I left Hungary I already knew from my'man Abdul (who arrived about a week earlier then me), that there's not much anymore in this season.

So no big chance to get something. Except some wonder... But then, I'm enjoying my stay. I'm enjoyinng the summer. And after almost 10 years after the university I'm doing my first anthropological research.

Keep cool guys, and meet some of you here at Audi camp, where beer is cold and the air is hot!
Here's where everybody hangs around during the day. Maun Airport. And free WiFi...

Sorry, I had to disable the comment option, as I was spammed by some chinese servers, they'we posted some 300 comments in a night, and that pretty much kills my connection here. You are still welcome to drop me a mail.

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