2010. február 11., csütörtök

Life ain't boring in Maun

Being on a low budget and planning for a longer stay might really be a challenge. You'd think it is boring to just sit at the camp bar with your laptop, and sitting at the airport on free wifi with your laptop, and sitting in the pool to cool down a bit. Then having a few beers. Meeting some of the pilots. Fooling around. Doing the same protocol every day.
But if you have that "anthropologist touch" and you can go along with locals you can easily get to places cheap or even for free.

So, this is was happened to me...
Thamalakane river

A few days ago I wanted to visit a friend who stays at the Old Bridge Backpackers. So I took a walk on the sideroads. And got a bit lost. Asked a local guy how I could get to Old Bridge. He told me that he's going there too, to have a chill. So I went with him. We were joined by a friend of his Babui and a girl Mary. The aussie I was looking for was not at the camp. So these guys invited me to their table. We had lots of talk, and I found out that the guy I met was Dropston and he is a river patrol. We had a few drinks at the Old Bridge. We played Jenga. Then when the sun almost set down I was headed back to Audi Camp. Gift, saying that it was dangerous, came with me until we could see the lights of the camp.
When we parted he promised me that next day he'll come with service boat and he'll take me on a trip.
My bro' Dropston

He was there the next day and we had a great day. He took me up ther river in his motorboat almost to the Buffalo Fence (the "border" of the Okavango). During this he was practising how to use his GPS.
Cranes over the river

We swam in the Thamalakane. And then all of a sudden a dozen little setswana kids arrived and jumped in the water. Splashing, jumping. I started to take pictures and they got very excited. Wanted to see the picks I took. And they were just coming and touching my tattoo... It was really funny.

A big bunch of people were harvesting sugar cane close to the river. When they finished they came to where we were swimming and they were asking me if I could lend them my boat so they can cross the river. I pointed on Dropston and said that they should ask him. And he took them over the river. We got from them a sheaf of sugar canes for free. Never ate sugar cane before, but it is really taste and sweet.

This little report doesn't even describe you the fun we had. It was a really relaxing and fantastic afternoon! Thank you Dropston!

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