2010. február 25., csütörtök

Kalahari desert sports

Atlantic fog flowing into the Kalahari

Well, life of the unemployed pilot in Africa is usually waiting and waiting. But then why not make the best out of it. So today with Enrique and Matt we went out sandboarding.
Dunes and waves

Or sort of, because I'we found out from Pali, the guy who organizes the boarding, that there is a faster way of getting down the dunes than boarding and from my point of view "faster" was the keyword. As he called it: with a high tech sledge, meaning you get down the dunes prone on a simple pressed wood board, approximately 70x100 centimeters in size.
Dressed for success

Now, that was really for me. Except climbing back on the 300 feet dunes...

I feel the need for speed

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