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Maun accomodation for pilots

Few days ago I've got a detailed mail on Maun accomodation. I asked a New Zeelander who's on the job hunt in Maun what is like Audi Camp and Old Bridge Backpackers. He pretty much described everything, so I asked him to post his writing. Here it is:
... stayed at both of those places.
Audi offers a special rate to pilots at 17 pula a night for a camp site. If you forget to ask, they will charge you 47 pula a night. I think at the moment 6 pula buys 1 US dollar.
Audi is a nice place to stay, it was quiet and relaxed. But it is a long way out of town. When I was there, there was only about 4-5 other families there. Facilities are cool. They have big showers with open roofs so you can see the sky. I heard that security of things there is a bit of a concern. Cant really confirm or deny that as I wasnt there long enough.
They have wireless internet, but it is pretty expensive. But you pay per MB there instead of time limit so it lasts a lot longer than most places!
Old Bridge Backpackers is a awesome place. I stayed about a week there, and Im going back there after I leave Windhoek. The campsites are 45 pula a night, the bar staff are incredible. Friendly, get to know you by name, and it is a really enjoyable place to stay. When I was there, I didn't end up paying a single nights accomodation... won it all on the poker table!
Quite a few of the pilots will come down to the bar there to have a drink or 5. And one of the other favourite places to drink is just down the road.
All of the stuff there was safe. I left my phone and computer charging at the bar, and it was never touched. The bar staff keep a eye on it for you. Not that they needed to. Only complaint that I could possibly have was that there is a huge amount of dogs there! Doesnt bother me, but could annoy others. On one night there was 7 dogs there.
Both places have self catering facilities there. So you can catch a ride into town and go to the supermarket. Makes the stay a lot cheaper that way!
Taxis are easily available. A ride to the Old Bridge could cost anywhere between 20-40 pula... depending on whether you use the same driver or not. Try to find one that has a decent car, and tell him that if he gives you a good price, you will use him again. Get his number and call him whenever you need a cab. Make sure you do it about a hour before you actually need him though....
The other way is the combi vans that drive into the city. They take a bit longer to actually get into the airport, but they only cost 2.70 instead of 20. They squeeze you into them like sardines though! I had a lovely young lady sitting on my lap...
They are just a van, so wave out to any van driving down the main road, chances are it is one of the vans, there is one every 20 minutes or so.
Usually pretty on time too!
Best to catch the combi in the morning, they get very smelly in the afternoon once the heat starts.
Or you could try hitching a ride on the back of a ute. Most of the locals are pretty friendly and help out white people.
Personal security there is fine. I had no problems whatsoever. But then again it was all during the day, I didnt get a chance to go out at night.
But it is safer than Windhoek anyway!
Thanks Jeremy! Pics are from Old Bridge Facebook gallery.

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