2009. december 30., szerda

Last cover after the last cover

I was very surprised when the chief editor of Haszon, my former company, called me and asked me if I could jump in, as they'd like me to interview a few guys who want to get my position. Yeah, sure...
But when I went in they got me with a surprise farewell party. They've made a magazine issue just with me, where every colleague wrote an article. And yes, there is me on the cover. So the last cover was not made by me... It was made of me.
And it was interesting and touching to read all those memories, stories and opinions of me. The following is what the owner wrote:
Young man coming in quiet, sleek, cool, speaking many funny languages, not asking, working like mad, changing women like underwear, smoking, cursing in many funny languages. Six years later, going out, a little bit bald, small belly, cool self confident professional, not asking, working, understanding funny orders, almost married, proud father of a girl, cursing in many languages, smoking, pilot in command, does not know the word „no”, wants to fulfill his dream: earning as much pula as he can in some African country with a funny name.
They also packed it with fake ads.
Have good times guys!
It was great working with you!

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