2010. január 28., csütörtök

Last day

I wasn't posting becouse I was pretty much off my plan. I should have had my exam Tuesday previous week. But then the assigned examiner decided that against good weather I will not be doing my exam. A week was lost. As my planned departure to Maun was last Friday.
The next assigned examiner promised that he'll check me as soon as the weather minimums allow for it and we'll try to do all three flights(CPL, IFR, NVFR). And this was on Tuesday. Short preflight briefing. Flitestar planning and I was enroute with 2 examiners from LHTL to LHPP. There I did some NDB and then ILS approaches. We landed. Had a brief postflight. This was when my instructor called me with bad news. The operator of Tököl airport (LHTL) prohibited night operations due snow mounds on the edge of the runway.
The airport is an ex-military base. It has a 2500x60 surface. When it snows they usually clear just a half of the length and around 30 meters wide strip. But that surface is pretty much huge for a DA40.

Me starting to call everyone I know to at least get a permission for at least one night landing. Then calling an other airport (LHPR) to obtain their permit... Then finally I was called back by my instructor, who said that we're cleared for one night landing. But then the examiner arranged with the tower that if they are allowing one landing then they could allow five as well. And who would argue with a CAA guy?

So thus my homework was finished. Next morning I was racing up and down between different CAA offices: a stamp here, a signature there, some copies of the logbook and so on. In 20 minutes I had everything in hand.

Today packing and tomorrow I'm off. Saturday in Maun...

Next time I'll post will be from there. Keep cool.

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