2010. január 14., csütörtök

Maun situation report

A mate who's in Maun just sent me the message below. It is pretty much depressing. I don't want to comment this... Although it doesn't stop me in going to Maun by the end of next week.
Got bad news for you.
Just went around all the jobs today. There is nothing here in Maun, they have done all the hiring in the last week or so.
Sefofane has hired 3. Mack Air has hired 2, but they will be looking at hiring again in October.
Safari Air has hired, with looking at another guy shortly. They possibly might be hiring again in April.
Delta Air has hired in December.
Moremi Air has hired in December, with looking at hiring another guy in a few weeks (already has a person in mind.)
Unsure about Kavango, keep hearing conflicting information from them about whether they will hire again.
Sorry to sink your hopes before you get here. But thats the situation that I got told today.
Windhoek wont be hiring until at least the middle to end of next month.
Zambia you need 1000 hours before they will validate your licence.
Im trying to find out information about Malawi and Tanzania.

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