2009. október 27., kedd

Just an opinion...

As the time for me to leave the old continent aproaches I have more and more things to do, to finish, to clean up. This is why I'm not posting too frequently nowadays.
This one is also just a private opinion. On our favourite rumour network there are very different opinions on wheather to go to Maun (or any other place in Africa) by the and of this year and beginning of next year. Whether there will be openings or not. Although I'm talking against myself (more guys there the bigger the competition), I really think that anyone who has decided to land a job there should pack and go. At least that is what I'm doing.

I didn't renew my contract with Haszon. This is a great little company, that proved that a few dedicated guys can get into the game with the big guys (meaning here multinational publishers). I'we been here from the beginning and it was fun. But nothing can compete with flying in Africa.
Also there are two types of guys who are flying or have flown in Maun. There are the ones who like to be in Maun and there are the ones who go there to build some hours and then they're off. But this all doesn't matter as far as I'm concerned, because in terms of flying Maun is one of the best places to start for either type. The only thing one should decide is wether he wants to go there or not.

I really am in a shortage of time. Still doing my IR, have some ten more sessions untill I can do the exam ride with the CAA guy. And then there is the risk of not getting the papers in time. December is here soon, and here no one will work... But January 6th should still be the perfect time.

Keep cool.
And sorry for this photographic egotrip...

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João Sales írta...

It is a great thing that you do not postpone your plans just because of some rumours that sometimes are only there for the poor of spirit to abandon their dreams and objectives. I'm sure that after these posts there will come the time where you'll be flying that C210 over the Okavango Delta with a smile on your face! I wish I could be there with you flying in formation and experiencing it by myself! Keep it up, you're OLD SCHOOL! (in the best of the ways!)

africanbushpilot írta...

If every pilot listened to our favourite rumour network nobody would ever go to Africa...The first time I ever visited everybodies favourite network was long after I got a job in maun.
No operator is ever going to post a job on the internet when there is half a dozen wannabes sitting in is office.
Don't blame recessions or anything like that it's never been easy. Anyone saying they are not going to Africa because there is no jobs without actually going and finding out for themselves, are just half hearted and need an excuse to make themselves feel better.
Since when has it been easy to land a flying job anywhere unless you are a 3rd generation pilot and Mum or Dads contacts opened a door for you.
Anyway mate goodluck with the trip, the wet season will be just kicking off down South, enjoy.