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Yet an other non-flying related entry

Take a guy, a girl, thirst for adventure and put them to Singapore. Give them a motorbike and you get one of the most amazing adventures I've heard of nowadays. They've set on a journey from Singapore to Poland. Their story is the story of achieving whatever you want if you are really determined.
Kamil sent me a message a few days ago while still in Africa. The reason? He fell in love with bush flying in Namibia. And will probably try to get a flying job there after finishing the Big Adventure. Have a great ride guy's!

But I'll let them talk:
Over 70 thousand kilometers via the roads and side roads of Asia, Africa and Europe, 50 countries to visit, 15 months on the road, 2 adventure seekers and 1 motorcycle….. There’ll be plenty of dirt tracks, desert sands and rocky mountain passes leading to exciting places, interesting people, crazy local customs and nature at its best.
After a few years spent in Singapore, we’re riding back to Poland on a motorcycle – the Honda Africa Twin. We're going home...

Why a motorbike?

For the adrenaline, sense of adventure and ability to go literally anywhere. We want to find places still undiscovered and untouched by western civilization. Places only reached by going ‘off-road’.

Why from Singapore?
We both lived and worked there for over 2 years. On 20th April 2008 all that ended and the adventure we've been dreaming about began.
Initially we planned for a direct route back to Europe via India, Pakistan and Turkey. But with time spent in front of a big map of the world hanging in our bedroom, we extended the journey to include over 50 countries on the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. Now on our route are Japan, Mongolia and Tajikistan, as well as a 'side trip' down the African east coast to Cape Town and back up the west coast to Europe. We expect the trip to take around 15 months. However we are not limited by time and it can easily be extended or shortened for unforseen reasons... A longer stop is scheduled in Ghana, where Iza plans to work as a volunteer for the “Freespirit” foundation, in memory of “Kinga” who tragically died of malaria in 2006.
The task of preparing the bike and purchasing all the required equipment took over 6 months. Not long when you consider that it can take up to 2-3 years. Most of the bike preparation was done at Aseng’s - a local Singapore mechanic. He'd also worked on the previous two bikes we’d ridden in Singapore. Of the countless documentation to be arranged, the 'Carnet de Passage' was the most important (and difficult) to obtain. It allows for the bike to be ridden through countries without having to pay import duties, which would otherwise be applicable. It is issued by the country in which the motorcycle is registered, but only after a deposit (equal to the value of the bike) is left with a bank guaranteeing the bike will not be 'illegally' imported into one of the countries visited. To get the CDP Kamil actually had to apply for a Singaporean permanent residency (for you couldn’t get it on a temporary visa), which he obtained just a week before departure!!

One of the most commonly asked questions is about budgeting. We are not being paid for our trip and we only have a couple sponsors. The majority of costs will be covered by us alone.How can we afford this?
Well, we do not have an expensive car or other ‘luxury’ items. Our main possession is the Africa Twin and a sense of adventure. We plan to spend US$30 per day. This has to cover our daily expenses including accommodation, food and petrol. It does not factor in visa, shipping and other miscellaneous costs (ie. park entry fees, insurance…). Life on the road can be amazingly cheap. We cook our own meals and camp wherever possible, sometimes accepting free accommodation from generous hosts. To travel as we do, you definitely need determination and a lot of motivation.

We believe that if you want something badly enough,
money is not an issue…

Presently they are somewhere in Morocco. 85,300 kilometers covered. 538 days on the road.
If you'd like to know more here's their website: Singapore2Poland
And here's their blog: Singapore2Poland Blog

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