2009. november 2., hétfő

Offtopic: my bike

By the time I leave this continent for that Big Adventure my old bike comes to life. I'm working on a 1954 Csepel 125T for some time (not a well known brand I know... the Csepel company was renamed Pannonia in the 60's, and the whole Hungarian motorbike manufacturing ended in the 70's). Well, this pretty has a 125 cubic centimeters motor and has an output of 4,5 horses (on better days).
The guys at Monster Customs are a great help (actually they know what to do, I'm just doing the art directing stuff, as usually, but there's no art directing on a 56 year old black "demon"). Click on image to enlarge.
And now, she seems to be ready for the ride. The engine runs. Everything is mint. She still needs some shine, that's already there under the dust. But the question is: how am I going to take her to Maun? That would be some ride... Getting to my base with her. Jumping into a 206, and at the end of the day jumping on this ol' babe to take me "home"...

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João Sales írta...

You can always polish the little baby and pack it up to Maun! I wonder if UPS delivers in Maun?... ahah!

João Sales írta...

By the way! Just noticed... Gotta love that header change on the site! Good work, that's the spirit! ;)