2009. március 17., kedd

Something cool from Kenya

Is a Kenyan air charter company, owned and operated by Mike Seton and his son, David Seton. It is based at Wilson Airport, Nairobi. It is one of the largest privat air charter companies operating there, and it is also one of the oldest established companies on the airfield.
Aircrafts: Grand Caravans (3), Cessna 406, Cessna 310 (2), Cessna 210, Cessna 206, Cessna 182 (2)
Requirements: already sent out a mail, in hope of a reply, but with no big expectations (as until this day I haven't got any reply from any company that I've wrote).
What I really loved at this company is the family spirit. The heritage. They have a history section with old photos, that really make this company very personal.
And as usually: any info is welcome!
P.s.: After the Kilwa info (updated today) I'm starting to be afraid after posting these things here...
Update: got reply from them, good and bad news too... Will clarify a few things and then will post the info.

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