2009. március 11., szerda

More on Tanzania

Ran over the list of Tanzanian Air operators on the TCAA website. There is a lot of info, what airplanes they are flying, where is their base, phone numbers and emails. Might also be a good start cheking them out. So check it out! As usually I've found a very simpathic one: KILWA AIR based in Mwanza. Now not becouse their website is so cool (could redesign it in a few days), but becouse the Kilwa staff seems to be very cool. Also wrote their chief pilot already. So if I get any answer (maybe) then I'll let you know about their requirements.
Cessna 182s 5H-ZGF
Photo: Felix Borner via Airliners.net
Updated this one to (by Soap Box Cowboy via PPRuNe): Company does not really exist anymore. From what I recall the CASA has been sold. The 210 was banned from Tanzania after it taxied into a caravan ripping of it's own beacon and the pilots decided to go ahead and fly without reporting it. The 406 was sold to Auric Air and destroyed during a training flight, sadly leading to the deth of both pilots. There is one islander left with one or two pilots flying it but not sure for how long it will be operated. With the curent situation in Eastern Congo and world fincial crisis their market has dried up a bit.They are operating out of Entebbe into Eastern Congo last I heard.
So that's the end of this info too...

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