2009. március 9., hétfő

A few words from Africa to give a little hope

I've only been flying here in "real Africa" for 3 years. It is not that hard, it isn't that dangerous and you don't have to be a macho marlboro smoking cowboy to hack it. Just rock up, keep you head screwed on, get stuck in and have fun.
As for jobs I spoke to coastal by email in Tanzania and they said I should fly down there next week and if I stay to work they will reimburse my flight! starting in a c206 and upto c208 when proved myself, if i remember. And as for the boredom thing, 90% of us started flying for fun and excitement, so if his job isnt that anymore, he should pack up and move on. And guess what? If he moves here to work that means there is a flying slot in India so maybe one this forums idiot can rock up over there and get it!??!
I'm in Africa and think you should come on over.
(THX SLIPANDSKID via PPRUNE – had to post it here to keep the spirit alive)

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