2009. március 2., hétfő

Fun with clouds

We - my buddy Matt and me - managed to hire a C152 for a longer period. So really cheap time building is on it's way. 
This weekend we took her on a ride. The weather was minimum VFR at the beginning but we had some beautiful clouds at 3000 so we flew between them. And as there was no other traffic we did not have to care just for the airspeed. We went from Kalocsa ex military (LHKA) to Szeged (LHUD), landed had a little chit-chat with the lady in the Tower, then flew over the city. Headed to Szentkirályszabadja ex military (LHSA - see last picture) where the weather really improved. We will keep the plane here. And hope to have lots of fun with her.

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