2009. február 13., péntek

The Namibian Connection

Wrote to post here some stuff on am too, so while I'm still lazy and while nothing really happens these days. But here's a few charter operators:
Scenic Air (C210)
Wings Over Africa (C210)
Westair (C210, C310, C404, C406)
Sefofane (C210, C208)
The story is tha same as for the earlier mentioned places: go there, be nice, make yourself known and maybe you'll land a job and every other thing will be taken care. I've already posted Martijn's blog. He got that job at Scenic in notime. 

2 megjegyzés:

Aron H írta...

Csanad, kiraly a blog! tegnapi beszelgetesunk utan elkezdtem kuldozgetni a CV-met afrikaba. a diamondos dolog miatt keresni foglak!


Csanad Paszka írta...

namibiát próbáld, és ha van valami, akkor spuri oda, mert csak úgy kaphatod meg a melót