2009. február 24., kedd

Alouette II flying

My buddy bought an ex-bundespolizei Alouette II turbine helicopter. So on sunday we went xcountry to try it out. Beautiful CAVOK all over and white world. 
We flew to a place called Tündérmajor (Angel Manor) for a few hundred gallons of kerosene. 1000 ft AMSL, low above hills and woods. The trees without leaves alowed us to see the deers, boars and other animals in the forests. 
It was my first rotor flying. Vertical takoff, low speeds, hovering was cool as it could get but I won't really be a helicopter freak. 
This beast sips 43 gallons of kerosene per hour. It carries 4 (yeah mainly 1+3 depending on fuel load) adults at speeds between 90-100 knots. Gush, in my little DA20 I'd be doing 10 hours with that amount... 

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