2012. december 12., szerda

Kenya: great flying opportunity

Campi ya Kanzi lodge in Kenya in the Maasai area (Southern part of the country, bordering with Tanzania, not far from the Kilimanjaro) is looking for a 206 pilot. The good thing is they will probably hire through phone or skype interview. 
Here are the requirements: 
We are looking for a pilot who has bush experience and is comfortable flying passengers, aerial surveys, to 'off-airport' locations, game counts, etc. If you are, or know of a pilot looking to explore East Africa, obtain valuable license conversion and Kenyan bush experience please contact us for details.
Must have 1000 hours, preference given to applicants with type experience. 
Info about the lodge: www.maasai.com

Low Time Pilot's Guide to African Bush Flying - 12.99€
No need for a PayPal account.

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