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Quick peek into the Tanzanian system

Mambo! From all the countries I know here in Africa, the Tanzanian license conversion seems to be the easiest. Some people will surely argue on that, but consider this: Botswana and Namibia does not allow you to convert your commercial pilot license only if you are already hired by a company, have a proper visa or work permit, blabla. 
Jongomero, Ruaha
Here in Tanzania you can walk in to the TCAA (Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority), sign up for the commercial exam, pay the fees and you're up and running the next Thursday (being the usual exam day). Also depending on what type you want to fly they have Type Tests for everything, even for a Cessna 150... A bit of a strange system for FAA, EASA pilot license holders (we have airplane class ratings), but nothing to fear of, just get the numbers from the POH. And I have to say (again lots of people here will disagree) that I was always treated in a normal manner by the authorities.
Not an unusual sight (Msembe, Ruaha)
I also want to clarify the rumors that lately were on PPRuNe about the visas. For me it never seemed that there is a problem with the visas. I came with a tourist visa, as it expired I got the so called business visa, and 1 month before that one expired I already had my 2 year work permit. All this without having a license, contract or anything. Also never met anyone from the so called Tanzanian Pilot Association...
Right downind for 18 at Zanzibar
The biggest problem was that end of June, beginning of July some retarded individual went for commercial pilot conversion exams and he took with him some cheat sheets, and was cought by the examiner. So they stopped exams to rewrite the questionairre. This was a real pain in the ass: originally the TCAA stated that there will be exams again by end of August, then end of September, later mid October. But finally they only have exams since 1st of November. Well, time in Africa is a bit relative, but one has to get used to it...
Beach in Zanzibar with mangrove trees
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