2012. december 27., csütörtök

Remote area pilot opening in Australia

I found out about this opportunity quite late, the CV's should be sent to the chief pilot by 28th December, but maybe there's still someone reading it so here you go with this pilot job opening:
Chartair is seeking to employ pilots in the early new year for the Borroloola and Warburton Bases. They operate one C210 aircraft in each of these locations providing VFR charter services to the local community. These positions require pilots with a good level of judgement, initiative and resilient enough live in remote Australia.  The successful applicants should expect to be placed in location for a minimum of six months, with movement into the major bases for type progression predicated on availability subsequent to that.

They say it would be ideal for scenic/skydive/etc pilots seeking to establish themselves in a large charter company with chances for development to larger types and a variety of exciting operations.

500 hours total flying hours
C210 or C206 experience preferred, but not essential
Pilots applying should e-mail to chief.pilot@chartair.com.au with the subject "Remote Pilot Application".

Detailed info on the company: www.chartair.com.au

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