2010. július 12., hétfő

Unusual weather over the desert

Last Saturday morning we had a pickup from Wolwedans with Captain Somatiko. Early morning fogs and low clouds are not unusual this time of year in Swakopmund. And we really got the soup for the departure. Visibility was not that bad, but the cloud base was settled somewhere around 1000 feet. Not your usual VFR day. But we did not have too much time to consider the possibilities. The passengers had to be in Walvis Bay at noon, so they can catch Air Namibia to Joburg. After takeoff we climbed on top and headed Wolvedans. There were clouds under us as far as we could see. But we were hoping that after a couple of miles the fog will end.
We flew all the way till the Dune Corridor until the we left the fog behind. To find fantastic crisp weather in the Wolwedans area. 
After picking up the passengers we climbed to FL065 and headed back. Just to realize that we cannot stay on top. If the cover stays closed we will not be able to land at Walvis Bay and not even in Swakopmund. So we went under. 
Well it was a ride. But we made it to Walvis Bay and the passengers even enjoyed the low flight above the dunes.
In the meantime paperwork is on it's way. As I mentioned I've had my radiotelephony and air law exams. And am waiting for the Student Pilot License (funny), required to be able to do my CPL checkout with an examiner.

The fogline at the Dune Corridor (Sossusvlei)

The fogline and the desert

Wolwedans apron

The bush pilots rest

Under the clouds, over the dunes 


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