2009. november 26., csütörtök

Maun campsites and accomodation

As this has risen a few times I'm posting here a link with campsites and accomodation. For my surprise the camp I was planing to live has a bad reputation. So now I will be sending emails to various camps for getting some prices, maybe some discount for a wannabe pilot and for the longer stay in the low season.
Lots of good stuff on camps, accomodation and more in Maun HERE and HERE also HERE.
What I was told also is to bring a cellphone with me, so I'll just need to buy a sim card and would be easily contactable. And just imagine geting a call like: hey pal, you wanna come and work for us?
The above pics are from Old Bridge Backpackers camps website. A recomended campsite is Maun Rest Camp, the link has every relevant information. An other major campsite is Audi Camp (their WHAT TO BRING and other info pages are really helpful).

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