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Namibian C210's

The other day I exchanged some mails with a guy flying in Namibia. I was interested in C210 hours vs IR. Which would be the preferred. And wether it's a good idea planning to bring the family to Windhoek. So here's his answer:

I would recommed that you do the IR and as many hours on C210 as possible. The reason is:Flying C210 IR is not allowed in Namibia, BUT if for instance you start working here and after a while you get a job that requires IR, you already got it on your validation.
Insurance is very strict as previously said and the more hours you’ve got the better your changes for a job. There is some companies where you need to have 100 hours on C210 to able to qualify for the insuance.
If your'e asking if you should bring your wife and baby to Namibia the answer is YES! It is a very safe and nice country. The infrastructure is excellent, with good doctors, hospitals, shopping centres, schools - whatever you might need. I would recommend that you firstly get the licence validation out of the way (as there is some written exams and strict flight test, etc.) And when you start with your job, only then let them join you. Also bear in mind that Namibia do not have decent public transport systems like in Europe. So I would advise you to get yourself a car soonest. (THX Tape)
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